CBD for dogs

Now that people are getting relief from Hempworx CBD oil they’re curious if CBD would work for their dogs too. Somethings people consume like chocolate can be deadly to dogs, so we don’t want to assume everything that works for us will work for them. Heck, if you’re dog can get relief the natural way from CBD oil at a reasonable price, with little to no side effects, without getting robbed at the checkout why not, right?

Just imagine sitting outside on a nice sunny day, soaking up the sun, providing your body vitamin D and you’re dog comes up to you and puts their paw on you’re leg. Is you’re dog is trying to tell you something? What does he want? Does he want me to throw the ball? So you throw the ball. When your pooch retrieves the ball you notice him limping. You think to yourself “I wish there was something I could do to help his hip discomfort”.

CBD dog benefits

You don’t want to see your dog hurt anymore but you think you’ve tried everything you’re vet recommended. Then you think to yourself “I wonder if my dog can get the same benefits that I get from CBD oil”? Then you think…

Wouldn’t it be convenient If you could give your dog Hempworx CBD oil at the same time as you take your CBD oil? Awe, that would be awesome!

So then you google…

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

Then you come across this article and you think “is this guy ever going to answer the question?” YES, dogs can take CBD oil and CBD oil is safe for dogs. Haha.

CBD Oil Benefits for Dogs


Dogs have the same endocannabinoid system as people do. Full-spectrum CBD oil works off the endocannabinoid system throughout the body. The endocannabinoid system affects CB1 and CB2 nerve receptors. CBD oil works to send clearer and faster signals between CB1 and CB2 neurons for improved body function. CBD oil can be just as effective for dogs as it is for their human counterparts. That is amazing!

The number of ways Hempworx CBD oil for dogs can help is almost limitless because it works with the body, mind, and spirit. Below are some interesting facts about Hempworx CBD oil for dogs.

NO HIGH: Your dog CAN NOT and WILL NOT get high from Hempworx CBD oil. We get our CBD oil from hemp NOT the marijuana.

INCREASES APPETITE: According to the American Kennel Club CBD oil can help with your dog’s appetite and if your dog is throwing up or feeling sick. CBD can help even if your dog is sick from a chemical reaction, toxin or poison.

HELPS ENERGY: Hempworx CBD oil for pets can help your dogs energy levels. Overactive energy or underactive energy that is. If your dog has changed from being a normal active pup to just laying around and sleeping a lot CBD oil for pets from Hempworx may do the trick and get positive vibes flowing again.

IMPROVES MOOD: CBD oil has been shown to help if your dog is feeling lonely. Dogs may feel lonely if someone was with them all the time when they were a puppy. Then the dog feels like something isn’t right if they are left alone and this stresses them out. CBD calms overactive thought patterns and eases their minds. 

HELPS IMMUNE SYSTEM: Hempworx CBD for Pets can keep your dog naturally healthy. CBD naturally combats viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites in your dog’s body. Its a great proactive measure for dogs and contains the perfect amount of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. You want to be proactive about your pet’s health just like you want to be proactive about getting your oil changed. You don’t want to wait until there is a problem to act.

SOUND ASLEEP: Generally dogs need anywhere from 12 to 20 hours of sleep per day. Wow, they sleep almost as much as cats do, lol. As your dog ages, it could be suffering from joint, spine, or hip discomfort. All that discomfort could make it uncomfortable for your dog to sit or even lay down thus making sleep seem like a dream. Fortunately, CBD helps dogs with all sorts of these issues.  Easing overactive nerves, calming them down and making it possible to be comfortable.

LOWERS DISCOMFORT: Fortunately CBD can help with your dog’s discomfort too. Dogs have receptors for CBD all over the body. So no matter where your pooch is hurting, CBD can naturally attach to the receptors causing discomfort and give them relief. If your dog suffers from discomfort daily it’s a good idea to give them CBD daily or as long as their symptoms persist. 

CBD Serving Suggestion for Dogs and Cats

cat(My cat GARFIELD)

Our serving suggestion for dogs and cats will vary between CBD manufacturer. Below is the recommended servings for Hempworx CBD Oils.

Serving of Hempworx 250 CBD oil (bacon flavor)

1 to 20 Lbs – 4 to 8 drops

21 to 45 Lbs – 8 to 12 drops

46 to 74 Lbs – 12 to 16 drops

75 and above – 16 to 20 drops

Serving of Hempworx 500 CBD oil – all flavors approved for pet use (peppermint, cinnamon, and natural.

1 to 20 Lbs – 2 to 4 drops

21 to 45 Lbs – 4 to 6 drops

46 to 74 Lbs – 6 to 8 drops

75 and above – 8 to 10 drops

Serving of Hempworx 750 CBD oil – all flavors approved. for pet use (peppermint, cinnamon, and natural.

1 to 20 Lbs – 1 to 2 drops

21 to 45 Lbs – 3 to 4 drops

46 to 74 Lbs – 5 to 6 drops

75 and above – 7 to 8 drops

I’ve given my cat peppermint-flavored 750mg CBD oil before but he’s not a big fan of it. He will eat it if I mix it in with some tuna. My cat is getting old and I think his legs or back hurt because he misses jumping on chairs and other things sometimes. Then at night, he meows sometimes for no reason. When he starts meowing I’ll give him some CBD oil and is good for the night. I give it to Garfield (my cat) in the day time as well if I think he’s hurting.

Keep in mind this is a general serving suggestion. It won’t hurt if you modify the drops up or down a little. Every dog or cat may respond differently to CBD oil. There is no magic bullet for exactly how many drops to give your dog so there is room to experiment.

Side effects of Pet CBD Oil (Dogs & Cats)

The side effects of CBD oil for pets are…

Dry Mouth – Dogs and cats may experience dry mouth due to they’re mouth not producing enough saliva. They would just be drinking more water if they experience dry mouth.

Tiredness – Your dog or cat may become sleepy where they would just sleep more than usual and may cause temporary low blood pressure.  

That’s all for the side effects. Pretty mild side effects if they experience any.   

Hempworx is the Best

hempworx pet, CBD dog oil & CBD treats

When comparing CBD oil make sure it’s organic, 3rd party tested for purity and content, and has a 60-day money-back guarantee like all of my Hempworx products do! For a complete review of Hempworx checkout HempWorx CBD Oil Review – CBD Products