What is CBD?

In this article, I’m going to give an in-depth explanation about everything CBD. I’ll explain what CBD is, where It comes from, what it does in the body, what different CBD products are out there and so much more. Hold on to your pants, shirt, or skirt because this is going to get real.

CBD is short for cannabidiol. CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are elements found in the cannabis plant that have different health benefits.

Our body has an endocannabinoid system. Our endocannabinoid system has receptors for CBD, THC, CBDA, and so many more. Each one of these cannabinoids has a specific positive reaction on the body and nervous system. While one cannabinoid can help regulate pain, another one can help regulate mood. CBD helps the body create balance where it lacks it.

CBD is found in the hemp and marijuana plants. Hemp and marijuana are part of the cannabis family. The Hemp plant produces a lot more CBD than the marijuana plant. This is why you will find CBD products made from hemp rather than its distant cousin, the marijuana plant.

The marijuana plant has a lot of THC in it. THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the cannabinoid known for producing the “high” or psychological effect. Hemp, on the other hand, only has trace amounts of THC in it.


The answer, in short, is NO! In the United States, you can only sell CBD oil that is derived from hemp with .03% or less THC content by dry weight. That’s less than one 10th of 1 percent. It would be impossible to get high off of that. You could swallow a whole 1 or 2-ounce bottle and still not get high off of the THC in it.

History of hemp

HISTORY OF HEMPIn the 1600s pilgrims brought hemp over from Europe to grow in their fields. Hemp fiber was used for sailboat accessories like ropes, sails, and clothes.

The early 1700s – Some American farmers were required by law to grow hemp. It was illegal not to grow hemp.

1776 – The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

The 1800s – People used Hemp seed oil to fuel household lamps.

The early 1900s – The USDA produces findings that hemp produces four times more paper than trees.

1937 – Marijuana Tax act was implemented, making hemp and marijuana illegal to grow, produce, and consume for the most part.

2018 – President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill making hemp federally legal (explained in further detail below).


Most CBD oil is made from the hemp plant. The cleanest way to extract CBD from the hemp plant is the Co2 method. The Co2 process extracts CBD (and other cannabinoids) and strips all the solvents, herbicides, pesticides, mold (anything harmful) from the hemp plant. Hempworx, for example, uses the Co2 method.

Manufacturers have lots of choices of what type of oil to mix their CBD with. There’s MCT oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, and Frankincense Oil. Each oil has its benefits, but I think hemp seed oil is naturally the best choice. Hemp seed oil is nutritious. Cold-pressed hemp seed oil has the perfect mix of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids as well as amino acids. Check out this article for a full explanation of what can CBD do



There are three different types of CBD oil. Full-spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and Isolate.

Full Spectrum – CBD oil made from the whole hemp plant. It contains all the cannabinoids (over 84) with THC. Most beneficial form of CBD because it’s not missing any cannabinoids.

Broad Spectrum – CBD oil made with the whole plant minus CBD. So this has all the cannabinoids minus THC. Second most beneficial form of CBD because it has over 84 cannabinoids just missing 1…THC. Great for anyone worried about testing positive on a drug test.

Isolate CBD – CBD oil made with just 1 cannabinoid, which is CBD. The least beneficial, in my opinion, for obvious reasons. Only contains CBD.


CBD is Federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill President Trump signed into law. This took hemp off the controlled substances list and made it legal to consume and grow again as long as the hemp has .03 THC content or less by dry weight.

When it comes to the state level of legality, that’s a different story. Currently, almost half of the states legalized cannabis for recreational use and or medical use. In these states, hemp would more than likely be legal. If you see grocery stores, gas stations and CBD stores popping up in your area selling CBD, then it’s legal.

I live in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a funny state when it comes to the legality of CBD oil. Wisconsin is a NO marijuana state, so no medical or recreational use of marijuana is permitted. Wisconsin did legalize the growing of hemp, but you have to apply for the permit, be approved, and the THC content must be .03% or less in the hemp plant that is grown.

Sometime around June of 2018, the attorney general of Wisconsin came out and said that the possession of CBD is illegal and if anyone is found with it they could be charged with possession of marijuana even if there was only .03% THC in it. The people of Wisconsin were not happy. Three weeks later the attorney general said that he has communicated with all law enforcement agencies and told them not to charge anyone with possession as long as the CBD oil came from hemp and did not have more than .03% THC in it.

I was relieved about his decision at the time because I was using CBD oil myself. I would still use CBD oil no matter what the governor’s decision was. My government isn’t going to tell me I can’t use harmless CBD oil that causes no high and no adverse side effects. Nobody has ever died from hemp, but people have been killed from iceberg lettuce, and that’s still legal, lol. Give me a break, haha!


My oh MY, CBD hails many health benefits! There are many different conditions that CBD oil can help you with, just google it. I can’t get into medical terms, but CBD improves overall health. CBD helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, supports optimal cardiovascular health, helps improve joint discomfort, weight loss, sleep problems, clears skin, helps digestion, helps energy levels, and helps stabilize mood.


I didn’t know much about CBD products until I was trying to quit smoking cigarettes. I heard a little bit about CBD oil on the TV, but that was about it.

Ok, so one day I was standing in line at the local tobacco store (late 2017), and I overheard someone ask if they had CBD oil. I got all excited because I heard about CBD oil and how it helps with many different ailments. When it was my turn, I asked the clerk if they had CBD. She pointed me to a display with several different names and strengths to chose from.

The clerk informed me that people bought CBD oil to help them with cigarette cravings, mood, and pain.

I was so confused because there were so many decisions to make. How many milligrams should I get? Should I get full spectrum or an isolate? How much do I take per serving and what bottle would be the better buy?

I decided on purchasing a bottle of Green Roads full-spectrum CBD oil, and I believe it was a 250-milligram bottle.


When I got home, I did my research about what CBD oil can help with. I was super excited to read that CBD oil helps with pain, nerves, and improves mood. I tried it a couple of times. Mentally I felt more relaxed and the constant worries I had stopped. What a relief! But I thought to myself, “this is too good to be true?” I thought I might be getting some kind of placebo effect. I was skeptical. Could the CBD be helping me relax?

When I got to work, I asked my co-worker to help me determine if it’s working or its all in my head. Like myself, my co-worker was doing a lot of unnecessary worrying, so I thought he would be the perfect candidate to do a CBD trial on. He tried it, and after a couple of hours, I asked him if he felt any different. He thought about it for a second then replied with a big smile “I just realized I haven’t been worrying about my girlfriend for the last couple of hours.” So over the next couple of days, we took the CBD oil at the same time, and both of us felt like it helped our excessive worrying a lot!

About one month later, I continued to use CBD oil but in that time tried different brands. I bought a bottle of Charlottes Web full-spectrum CBD oil. I used Charlotte’s web for about a week and didn’t feel any effects from taking it. So again I asked my co-worker to try it, and he said he didn’t feel any different either. Charlotte’s web is an outstanding CBD oil company, and I’m in no way shape or form am I trying to imply they’re CBD oil doesn’t work. It just didn’t have any effect on me. Different CBD oil companies use different strains of hemp plants, so you most likely won’t feel the same on two different CBD oils.


Then I thought to myself, what if I could find a CBD oil that works for me and I could make money from too? So I started researching CBD oil companies that have a multi-level marketing pay structure. There were a few out there that looked tempting, but then something I can’t describe pulled me to the Hempworx brand. I ordered a bottle of 750mg peppermint full-spectrum CBD oil. For more information about Hempworx CBD products check out my HempWorx CBD Oil Review – CBD Products.



I tried Hempworx CBD oil, and yes, to my relief, it worked for my worrying and gave my mind a sense of calm and peace. I take Hempworx CBD oil once or twice per day, just depends on how much stress I’m experiencing.

It only takes about 20 minutes for Hempworx CBD oil to kick in. It lasts about 4 to 5 hours, and that usually levels me out for the day. Sometimes I take it twice a day, but that’s not very often.

The other item that drew me to the Hempworx brand was the owners, Josh and Jenna Zwagil. I liked how they were multi-level marketers themselves, so they knew the challenges of that kind of work. Jenna and Josh are so down to earth and outgoing. Jenna is always doing facebook lives to help affiliates with training and personal development. I never saw owners so involved with everyone in the company before. Now that I think of it, that’s what sold me. I was sold on the product, the people, and the company story.


Hempworx-ProductsHempworx has a lot of quality CBD products to offer. I’ll list all the products below with a brief description of all of them. All of Hempworx products come with 60-day empty bottle money-back guarantee.

Later, when my blog gets more extensive, I will have a product page containing every detail you can imagine about them. You will have to deal with this for now LoL.

Hempworx CBD oil – Hempworx CBD oil comes in two different strengths, a 500mg bottle, and 750mg bottle. The 500mg Hempworx CBD oil is $69. The 750mg Hempworx CBD oil is $89.

Hempworx CBD oil comes in three organic flavors. Natural flavor, peppermint, and cinnamon. Hempworx CBD oil comes in two different forms-full spectrum and isolate.

Hempworx Relief CBD Pain Cream – This is Hempworxs CBD pain cream that is applied topically. This has no THC in it. The price is $69 for a jar.

Hempworx Renew & Revive CBD Cream – These are both anti-aging creams that are applied topically to the face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Each cream is also $69 apiece. Contains NO THC.

Hempworx CBD Coffee – Hempworx has instant CBD coffee that is made out of premium arabica coffee beans infused with CBD. Complete with Chaga Mushrooms! There are 30 servings per package, and the coffee runs, you guessed it $69 a box ha, ha. Contains NO THC.

Hempworx CBD Creamer – Hempworx CBD creamer comes in a variety of flavors. There are 15 servings per box. Price $69 a box. Contains NO THC.

Hempworx Bath Bombs – Hempworx CBD bath bombs come in several sents. Four bath bombs are included in a box for $49 Contains NO THC.

Hempworx Pet CBD – Hempworx offers a line for your furballs as well! You can choose from a bottle of 250mg bacon flavored CBD oil or CBD dog treats. Both run $39 separately or $69 for 2. Contains NO THC.