Wild Hemp Cigarettes Review

In this article, I will tell you why people are smoking hemp CBD products and give a review on Wild Hemp cigarettes.

I’ve been in the CBD industry for a little over a year trying CBD products and never heard of Hemp cigarettes before. The other day I was joining some hemp groups on facebook to connect with people. I struck up a conversation with a new friend I made from one of the hemp groups. He said he owned a hemp farm and sells hemp. Then we said that people are smoking hemp and it’s becoming quite a trend. I was surprised! Do people smoke hemp?

He said people buy hemp from him and they roll they’re own. People roll they’re own because it’s cheaper than buying hemp cigarettes from the store. I was intrigued. I know all the benefits of CBD oil from hemp but didn’t know if you could get the same benefits from smoking it.

I did a google search for hemp cigarettes and came across Wild Hemp cigarettes. I was sold on the idea of smoking hemp so I didn’t do very much research on the product itself, which I kind of regret now but I’ll get into that later. Wild Hemp contains no THC but does have CBD in them.

wild hemp cigarettes hempettes

The next day I went to my local CBD products store and bought the Wild Hemp cigarettes. I asked the guy if they smell like weed. He said “Yes they do” and told me to keep my receipt in-case a cop pulls me over. Lol. I wasn’t too worried about myself because you can’t get high from hemp. Right on the pack, it says 0% THC so that should be good enough for the cop if incase I were to be pulled over.

I got in my car and lit one up. I took a draw and was surprised that they taste a lot like regular cigarettes. When you inhale them they feel like a cigarette (in the back of your throat). They have a bite and not in a bad way. I would say they are the harshness level of a camel light. I didn’t smoke full favor cigarettes because most are too harsh on my throat.

If you’re trying to stop smoking Wild Hemp cigarettes would be an excellent alternative to tobacco cigarettes. You get the same taste, harshness, of a regular cig without the buzz. Has CBD in it so it does have a calming type of effect like to regular cigarettes. Regular cigarettes don’t have a calming feeling they speed up your blood pressure but you’re getting the nicotine fix so if feels calming. Now that I think of it I should have done a blood pressure test with the hemp cigs to see if there was a difference after smoking them. Darn. I just bought them to try them, I don’t want to go back to smoking habitually. Too expensive for me.

Pluses About Wild Hemp Cigarettes 

1. Helps nervousness and stress – I could tell Wild Hemp cigarettes helped my anxiousness but I felt like I needed to smoke multiple cigs to get that feeling.

2. Taste – I like the taste because they taste very similar to smoking a regular cigarette.

3. Package – The hemp packs like a regular cigarette and the package is constructed nicely and doesn’t fall apart. Herbal cigs don’t pack very well in comparison.

4. Third-party testing – Wild hemp has a 3rd party test its hemp to make sure it doesn’t have any THC in it and validates what it does have in it. It does have CBD in the hemp tests on their website.

5. Burn rate – Burns at the same rate as a regular cigarette.

Minus’s about Wild Hemp Cigarettes

1. Taste/Smell – The taste isn’t something I’m too fond of after not smoking for a year and a half. I don’t want to have bad-smelling breath or smell like smoke. Not like vaping cherry cheesecake, haha.

2. NO microbial testing – When I looked at the website I couldn’t find any testing that shows they tested for bacteria, mold, herbicides and other pollutants. I don’t like to worry if there are toxins in the hemp when I smoke it.

3. Price – When I bought a pack of Wild Hemp cigarettes they were $13.70 a pack. That’s pricey in my opinion. I would say the $7 price point would be much better. I’m sure they have a reason for the price point.

4. GMO? – I couldn’t find anything on their site stating the hemp is organic or is all-natural so that’s a little concerning. I’m sure its much healthier smoking hemp cigarettes compared to tobacco cigarettes… just saying.

I like Wild Hemp Cigarettes 

Pack of wild hemp cigarettes

There are positives and negatives to every product. In the grand scheme of things, I would have to say I would recommend Wild Hemp cigarettes as a former cigarette smoker and a hemp/CBD products advocate.

I’ve smoked many different brands of herbal cigarettes and they don’t even compare to Wild Hemp. Herbal cigarettes aren’t horrible but they do not remind me of regular cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes don’t give you that cigarette type experience.

What I mean by Cigarette experience is herbal cigarettes don’t taste like regular cigarettes. Herbal cigarettes don’t have the same bite when you inhale them either or burn like a regular cigarette. They burn faster in my experience and sometimes they pop. Like actually sounds like a small pop from the herbal cigarette. I did not experience poping with wild hemp, haha.

Where to buy

Wild Hemp Cigarettes If you’re looking to buy a pack of Wild Hemp’s I would go to your local CBD/VAPE/HEMP store. If they don’t have them there I would check out Wild Hemps Website. When I went to Wild Hemp’s website they were sold out of they’re hemp cigarettes. If they can’t keep them in stock that has to tell you something, huh? Tells me that they’re popular and in high demand. I saw people were selling them on amazon but they’re links keep getting taken down so I assume Amazon has a ban on selling hemp cigarettes.

Is it legal to buy Hemp Cigs?

Yes, it is legal to buy hemp cigarettes. There is no age requirement. As long as the hemp cigarettes have .3% or less THC in them. Since Wild Hemp cigarettes have no THC in them anyone can buy them.

For legality sakes, I don’t recommend anyone start smoking hemp if you currently lead a healthy lifestyle. There’s little to no research on the health implications of smoking hemp or adverse long term side effects. There are plusses and minus when smoking anything and you have to weigh them out for yourself. I would recommend speaking with a licensed health care professional to get they advise on smoking anything including hemp.

Wild Hemp Video Review

Hemp/CBD Products

As I explained earlier in the article I am a CBD/Hemp advocate. Want to know more about CBD? Check out What is CBD?.  I promote Hempworx CBD products. To learn more about Hempworx CBD oil check out HempWorx CBD Oil Review